Toll service in Slovakia with TollPass EUROBOX

Date: 02/09/2024, Author: TollPass

TollPass customers can book toll service Slovakia from 25.03.2024 directly from the online contracts for all vehicles equipped with TollPass EUROBOX on-board units.

In which other countries and toll systems can use the TollPass EUROBOX please find out here

The toll charging system in Slovakia uses GNSS technology, the same as it works in Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and will be implemented in Croatia. All vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are subject to toll in Slovakia.

The toll road network consists 17,700 km (660 km of highways and expressways, 3,630 km of first-class roads, 3,640 km of second-class roads and more than 9,840 km of third-class roads).

Slovakia, like other European countries, applies VAT at the rate of 20% to toll charges. You can learn more about VAT and excise duty refunds from European countries here