TollPass Fleet all over Europe with service coverage in Turkey, Serbia...

Date: 08/04/2023, Author: TollPass

Because it is important to know everything about your vehicles in one place

TollPass Fleet is the real-time GPS tracking service for cars over 3.5 tons equipped with TollPass or TollPass EUROBOX on-board devices.

TollPass Fleet has expanded its coverage and customers can now track their vehicles all over Europe. Tracking and tracing trucks or buses is available in Bulgaria, all European Union countries, including Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can use TollPass Fleet with coverage for all over Europe at a same price of BGN 9.90 excluding VAT / per month for any vehicle over 3.5 tons equipped with a TollPass EUROBOX on-board device.

The combination of toll charging services in Bulgaria and 11 other European countries with the possibility of real-time vehicle tracking across Europe in the multifunctional online platform TollPass.bg gives freedom, flexibility and convenience for monitoring and management.

The advantage of the TollPass Fleet service is the possibility of immediately starting the service directly from the online contract at TollPass.bg, without an additional binding contract. The payment, as well as the availability of all necessary references, is done in one place together with the toll taxes, no need to keep track of separate invoices and deadlines.