A reliable partner on the road


A reliable partner on the road

The modern tolling solution

We are Intelligent Traffic Systems AD - national toll service provider and official partner of Road Infrastructure Agency. The company stands behind the successful launch of the electronic vignette project via the platform vinetki.bg. The high professionalism of our partners A1 Bulgaria, OMV, Lukoil, Petrol, Easypay, ePay, Bulgarian Posts, TahoVentsi, contributed to the fast and precise implementation of the technical integration that provided the service in over 7,000 locations.

TollPass is the brand under which we will provide the modern tolling solution for all vehicles with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tons.

The TollPass platform for electronic toll collection based on distance traveled will be active with the launch of the electronic toll system.

Real-time toll detection and billing

Latest generation on-board unit (OBU)

24/7 self-service and monitoring portal

24/7 contact

The Bulgarian electronic toll system will use GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning technology. It will be of the free-flow type, which enables toll collection “without stopping” to make the travel faster, safer and more environmentally friendly.

All vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum mass over 3.5 tons will be subject to electronic tolling.

The electronic vignettes will remain valid for all types of vehicles until the official launch of electronic tolling - www.vinetki.bg

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